days ago, was "famous Meng Fei" If You Are The One began hosting a new show, however, the new show programs in Korea accused of plagiarism. This program admits the form of reference, but the original content is said to justify the king.

however first night, some netizens pointed out that the new show with the famous Korean Grand National Talk Show Program "hello" dance form is very similar, the discussion about "Meng Feixin program plagiarism" is also increasingly warm. In this regard, the program group responded to the question: "four big help" in the form of reference and inheritance of a lot of good talk shows a sense of form, including Meng Fei once the newspaper program. But the content is completely different, we talk about the trouble can be ‘show’ out of any kind of service programs, content is king."

"four famous" also accused of plagiarism?

1 7 on the evening of "four famous" will premiere, the mass worry boom ", is the high ratings CSM35 city 1.02%, in the Thursday evening prime time all variety show ratings and market share in the first, a record of the Oriental TV new show on the history of the best performance. In the case of battle was plagiarism Korea netizens pointed out that: "set from the stage to link from the guests to play three men and a woman host lineup, even with the South Korean Grand National talk show" hello "as like as two peas." Then micro-blog users flayer king also posted a "top four" and "hello" to help the group screenshot comparison chart, we can see that the two program in the stage set up almost as like as two peas.

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