delicious foie gras, for consumers, is a very good choice of new food. So, what about the foie gras? High quality delicious, the first step to successful business. If you join in the project, it is also very exciting. So, do not miss such a business opportunity!

from the official news that a lot of friends are very fond of the foie gras, then what about the foie gras?. In fact, foie gras is a homely dish, raw materials are common and the price is relatively low, the production is also very simple, the following small series to introduce you how the white goose liver, please see below.

is the main product of Lang Dee. Each produced about 750 grams of liver, the international market demand. The fatty acids in the foie gras account for about 67% of the total fat. Eat unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce and delay atherosclerosis.

The feeding and feeding of

was 1.5: 1 in the case of grazing, and the feeding amount was about 2.5. With the same material feed, meat feed ratio is 3.7: 1. Production of the same weight of meat, goose feed consumption is only chicken, duck 1/2, pig 1/9. Therefore, goose is the first choice for the adjustment of feed industry structure.

joined the Lang goose liver project, opened a home of his own goose liver wine shop, the best choice for small business. Simple way to join the choice, the best choice for successful business. A person is always very difficult to start a business, but the choice to join the Lang goose liver project, the headquarters to provide more support to join, it is worth choosing, it is worth joining!

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