now has a lot of shopkeepers in order to make money and ignore the fire prevention work, resulting in a shop fire caused losses. However, some people have paid great attention to the fire protection work and put a lot of work into it. Fire this thing, not too much attention!" Said the man named Miu Shenglin, in Guangxi, Beihai, operates a supermarket about 150 square meters.

supermarket a wide range of goods display beautiful, clean and tidy store. The most difficult thing is that the supermarket in the fire area to do a good job, norms and professional level in the peer is known far and near. Miu Shenglin said: "the thing to do business, of course, is that the cost as low as possible, but cannot fire the money, after all, Fire and water have no mercy. ah!"

in accordance with the old Miao argument, shop fire is a systematic project, not only to keep up with the hardware, but also to keep up with the idea. Four years ago, when decorating the store, the old man put the fire, safety in the first place, all the decoration, design are located in security.

old man and his wife every day to keep shop, eat can only be solved in the store. Originally designed, the wife had proposed to use a simple plate in the back of the store separated by a small space as a kitchen, the old Miao firmly opposed. He thinks, since cooking is inevitable, can not be used in this simple flammable materials, must use the brick wall, even if there is fire and flame retardant effect. And the old man to himself and the hired clerk set a rule: Cooking resolutely put an end to the fire, when the use of induction cooker can not leave the kitchen.

when it comes to electricity, the old Miao also has its own considerations, the supermarket, though not large, but the place is really a lot of electricity, lighting, air conditioning, electric fan, refrigerator, cashier computer equipment etc.. In order to avoid confusion, single line overload situation, the old Miao asked electrician will be all kinds of electricity design for the special line, such as safety, maintenance, for days after. At the same time, the leakage protector is installed to avoid the fire caused by short circuit.


in the design to eliminate fire hazards, but the old Miao still dare not take lightly. In the fire department’s proposal, he installed two fire hydrants in the supermarket, equipped with a total of six bottles of fire extinguishers, and also specifically for the staff were trained to ensure that everyone will use fire facilities. In order to attract the attention of the staff of the fire, the old Miao is also posted at the door of the fire posters, so that we can see every day to work, the heart always alert.

well versed in management of the old Bartholomew also set up a "post responsibility system", designated clerk in Mike as fire safety administrator, responsible for the regular inspection of fire protection facilities, to ensure that the fire hydrant hose, the gun is not blocked, not Water Leakage fire extinguisher powder filled enough. Xiao Li said to us: "I have played a lot of bosses, but like the boss of the boss attaches importance to fire prevention, serious management, I really"

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