a person to go alone when a lot of people choose to start a business, but it is not anyone who can easily succeed in business, if there is no good entrepreneurial team, want to succeed is almost impossible. Why do humans survive evolution? One of the most important points is that human beings always conform to the changes of the times in the mode of teamwork.

independent entrepreneurship is not an easy task, it is difficult for individuals to seize the opportunity to get rich, recommend that you are favored by the majority of investors to join the Chinese fast food brands. This is a relatively good brand, a good brand is trustworthy, since you want to join the speed of Chinese fast food, and that is to get rich, then you have to understand what is the speed of the Chinese fast food franchise fee


because the actual situation is not the same franchisee, so join the investment situation is also different. I hope the small series prepared to join the cost table for everyone to help.

speed of Chinese fast food franchise fee analysis:

join the city

take Shanghai as an example

shop area

200 m

rent fee

5.6 yuan / month

renovation costs

900 yuan / square meters

equipment cost

9 million

raw material

3.5 million

advertising expenses

6000 yuan

opening fee

5000 yuan

staff wages

4000 yuan / month / person (15)


7000 yuan / month


35 million

total investment cost

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