Tulips in May coincided with the flowering period, red, pink, yellow and other colors tulip blooming, attracting a lot of people went to watch. But there are some tourists in the photo, close to the flowers, so that flowers are injured flower beds; there are a number of tourists in order to get into the flowers with the tulip flowers, the phenomenon of the stampede was taken place.

recently, the reporter saw in the people’s Park, there are a number of tulip exhibition set up the rope, some are not. Many visitors to take photographs in the absence of the ropes tulip exhibition, in order to get as close as possible to the flowers, little attention will be stepped into the borders of flowers, tulip petals scattered, causing some broken branches, some even fell to the ground. In just five minutes, the reporter saw a group of two visitors into the park was the last stop. The management staff told reporters, every day there are too many to count the visitors enter the flowers pictures, they see this phenomenon will be verbally discouraged, both inside and outside the park in the flowers set the "forbidden" and "do not trample" warning signs, hope visitors to be able to take care of the flowers.

for this uncivilized behavior, there are a lot of people expressed disgust. The public Ms. fan told reporters: "Xining tulip is famous, there are a lot of tourists come here every day, I hope the people of Xining to set an example, we love flowers, to make a good impression on foreign tourists."


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