12 23, the province’s intangible cultural heritage protection work conference held. The meeting reviewed the development process of intangible cultural heritage of the province, a clear task related to the work of non heritage. The reporter learned from the meeting, the current and future periods, one of my key work of provincial intangible cultural work is carefully to promote the three projects, namely the implementation of a national representative inheritors recorded rescue project and the implementation of construction projects, the implementation of Qinghai culture memory project by the national intangible cultural heritage protection.

implementation of the national representative inheritors of the rescue record of the project is mainly for 60 years old and above the national heritage of the skills, knowledge and experience of a comprehensive system of records and preservation. The implementation of the national intangible cultural heritage protection and utilization facilities construction project. "This is an important project of the Ministry of culture in 13th Five-Year" during the implementation of non genetic learning places the construction field, mainly supporting performance, art and folk customs of national project construction exhibition and heritage sites. Our province "Nadun" square and other 9 projects have been included in the national "13th Five-Year" plan. Qinghai cultural memory project. This is the culture protection project in our province with the province of non heritage protection work put forward, our province has been included in the "13th Five-Year" cultural development planning, is recorded and stored using multimedia technology to the provincial non heritage items associated with various types of complete information system, to form a complete electronic file, for the establishment of good heritage database base. 2016 arrangements for 7 projects to carry out the pilot in the first, on the basis of a summary of the pilot to the province steadily.

to the present, our province intangible cultural diversity, three-dimensional protection of the basic formation. Our province in the practice of non heritage protection, rescue protection, the formation of production integrity protection, protection, digital protection and other protection methods, especially the overall protection, production of the protection effect is particularly evident. This reporter learned from the Provincial Cultural Press and publication office.

The construction of

cultural ecological protection experimentation area is an important measure to protect the intangible cultural heritage. The Ministry of culture and the establishment of the Regong Gelsall in my province approved two national (Golog) cultural and ecological protection in experimentation area. Regong cultural ecological protection experimentation area construction has been affirmed and recognized by the Ministry of culture. The reserve construction, improve the Regong culture protect the environment, enhance the vitality of Regong cultural heritage, expand the Regong culture awareness, promote local economic and social development. Gelsall cultural (ecological) protection experimentation area "master plan" by the Ministry of culture expert review. The national Tibetan culture (Yushu) ecological protection experimentation area declaration work smoothly. Germany Mongolia (West) three provincial cultural ecological protection experimentation area building steadily. In the production of protection, Regong Art, Tibetan carpets, pottery, bronze, Silver Disc embroidery and other projects in the Turkish farmers and herdsmen’s production activities, the formation of "company + base + farmers + artist" model of development, emerged in Huangnan Regong painting as the representative of the 5 national level the production of non heritage protection demonstration base, so that a number of market potential of non heritage projects based on maintaining the traditional craftsmanship and process, and the effective docking of market and industry, full of new vitality, heritage are found through the generations pass;

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