recently, "looking for a loving mother for orphans and disabled children in Qinghai Province in 2013 — love knitting sweater" love action "launched in Xining. From the provincial authorities and the provincial women’s Federation 100 love mother representatives attended the ceremony.

this year’s "love action" jointly organized by the provincial women’s Federation and the provincial organs. 53 provincial organs of the positive response to the initiative of the 1000 loving mother. Participate in the activities of the mothers caring, squeeze time out of the texture of love sweater, and after the Spring Festival, the love sweaters to the orphanage, a special school for orphans and disabled children in plateau cold winter, feel the warmth and love.

I "love action" has been carried out for seven years, seven years, a total of orphans, poor children donated 13000 pieces of love sweater. Over the years continue to carry out public welfare activities such as children, love action "delivery of social welfare positive energy, everyone involved in the ordinary love mother can pay great achievements.

love my mother on behalf of Zhang Yan said: "we volunteered to participate in the" love action "activities, with love for the children to send warmth, on their own is an act of kindness, but also let children know that there are so many people around to support them to overcome difficulties." On the day of the launching ceremony, the provincial women’s Federation issued a love to love the mother wool, love mothers are also starting the ceremony to weave a love sweater. (author: Wang Chunyan)


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