reporter learned from the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the province’s 2016 annual health literacy promotion action project recently launched.

reporter learned that, in 2015, the province health planning departments at all levels in accordance with the "2015 year of Qinghai province to promote health literacy project implementation plan", carefully organize the implementation of the project, and carry out the work, improve the level of health literacy of residents of the province to 5.99%, an increase of 1.6 percentage points over the previous year. Complete the construction of health promotion counties pilot projects, according to the national assessment of the West District of Xining city to achieve excellent, safe city in the east to achieve good. Health education and promotion activities continue to expand the brand influence, showing the good situation of government departments, and cooperate with the masses to actively participate in the activities, has large scale and wide spread, people’s satisfaction of higher good results. This year, our province will continue to promote health promotion county construction, health literacy, health literacy monitoring of traditional Chinese medicine and the tobacco epidemic monitoring, strengthen 12320 health hotline counseling intervention, to carry out health education activities for the public, Wanlixing local disease and major diseases such as health education, to promote the work of the project to carry out further specification. To continue to carry out " 1234567" Qinghai health promotion model as the starting point to further expand the coverage of health education. The health education and health promotion in schools, into the national fitness activities, and then into the city health and health in rural construction, actively promote a healthy and civilized way of life, so that the concept of health has become an important element of social civilization.


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