10 13 July, vice governor of a line of investigation, Chung Kuang yuan part of newly established enterprises, and held the province’s newly established market players active forum, understand commercial system reform in our province since the establishment of new market of the main production and management, communication, consultation, analysis, research on the establishment of new industry in our province the main market development measures.

the meeting pointed out that since the commercial system reform, our province market access approval is greatly reduced, the market continued to strengthen supervision, the establishment of new market overall remains active and developed rapidly, aroused the enthusiasm of investors, to promote reform of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment effect is obvious.

meeting stressed that enterprises should analyze the market, do a good job positioning; to have a strategic vision, innovative awareness; entrepreneurs should learn to understand the policy, in a timely manner to grasp the policy. The government departments should strengthen entrepreneurship training, strengthen information services and financial services, increase the situation analysis and forecasting efforts to take effective measures in advance, and actively improve the regional investment environment; to support efforts to further increase the market service, to further promote the service tube reform, and the support measures are in place to actively create a better environment for the development of the newly established market players.


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