reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission, after nearly three months of continuous and effective implementation of the rectification, this year 1 to August, the province’s total investment in fixed assets of 226 billion 720 million yuan, an increase of 11.6%, maintained a steady progress, and actively improve the situation. Among them, the private investment completed 73 billion 280 million yuan, down 5.6%, a decline over the previous 7 months narrowed 8.1 percentage points; the month of August private investment 16 billion 650 million yuan, an increase of 39%, compared with July month growth of 33.5%, showing a positive trend of decline narrowed sharply, growth stabilized better, further demonstrated the vitality of private investment.

this year, the province’s private investment facing the new problems of short-term decline, the provincial government attaches great importance to and conscientiously implement the "notice" the general office of the State Council on further improving the work of the spirit of private investment, work related to the topic of mobilization, urge the whole province under the rapid action, condemnation, implement, take measures to promote private investment to stabilize. The establishment of the Qinghai province to implement the State Council to promote private investment in the special inspection feedback rectification work leading group, issued the implementation of the State Council to promote private investment special inspection feedback rectification plan and special rectification program, held to promote private investment work in television and telephone conference. At the same time, also on the introduction of the "1+3+5" policy measures, namely "opinions" (to further promote the healthy development of private investment advice), "three responsibility list" (private investment in the province key project responsibility list, national special construction funds of private investment project responsibility list, the industry of private investment projects to promote the responsibility list). "Five supporting measures" (private investment in Qinghai province to strengthen policy advocacy implementation measures and problems of private enterprises in Qinghai Province, Qinghai Province comprehensive coordination scheme to improve the private investment environment, measures for the supervision and inspection of Qinghai province to promote the investment policies and measures, increasing private investment in Qinghai province to accelerate the promotion of government and social capital cooperation policies and measures) compaction, responsibility, strengthen the implementation of. In addition, the organization also held a special meeting, the total scheduling of private investment in the province, the national key project of special construction funds of private investment projects, the industry of private investment projects three list of various localities and departments in the implementation of the rectification carried out supervision and inspection.


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