Reporters from the Provincial Highway Construction Management Bureau was informed that in August this year, the total amount of traffic of highway of our province reached 6 million 689 thousand vehicles, an increase of 13% over last year, a new record high.

data show that the number of days in 2015 seven or eight month traffic exceeded 230 thousand times up to 27 days, which in August 1st to 4 consecutive four day traffic volume exceeded 370 thousand times, in August 2nd across the board daily traffic volume is more than 418 thousand times, compared to the same period in 2014 the peak daily traffic volume rose 77.2%.

, Daotang River, Doba mainline toll station annual peak daily traffic volume rose 29.8%, 26.3%, from Xining via water bridge toll station to the Saline Lake tea card annual peak traffic rose 104.8%, toll stations peak vehicles explosive growth trend.

traffic flow to deal with the rapid growth of the province’s highway toll stations, the full load operation, to strengthen the guidance, take timely converted entrance lanes, double charges, portable charging and variable ETC lane for artificial toll lane, timely release of free vehicles and other measures to maximize the capacity of the toll station. At present, the province’s high grade toll road toll station traffic has returned to normal and stable state.


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