reporter recently learned from the provincial employment service, at present, run 2.9 Hand-Pulled Noodle 10000 stores in the country more than and 280 city of our province masses, the annual operating income of 18 billion yuan, the annual net income of 4 billion 500 million yuan, annual income of nearly 4 billion yuan, annual output of the transfer of rural surplus labor force 180 thousand people. The rapid development of ramen economy has opened up a unique way of poverty alleviation in Qinghai.

Ramen economic income accounted for 1/3 of the province’s labor income

data show that in 2014 the economy and related industries Ramen revenue reached 18 billion yuan, accounting for the country’s food and beverage operating income of 27860 yuan of 0.65%, the province’s catering operating income of nearly $2.8 times. Hand-Pulled Noodle economic practitioners accounted for only 15% of the province’s export of labor service personnel, and Hand-Pulled Noodle economic income but the province accounted for 1/3 of labor income, especially in labor income based Haidong city in Longhua Hui Autonomous County and Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Hand-Pulled Noodle income has accounted for more than 70% farmers per capita net income, it can be said Hand-Pulled Noodle the economic income has become a major part of the income of farmers in our province.

Hand-Pulled Noodle economic meat distribution, distribution and other non-staple food processing industry 108, employing 1217 people, the annual business income of about 170 million yuan, employees annual wage income of 50 million yuan, profit of 40 million yuan.

out of the province after the opening of the Ramen Museum to start their own businesses to reach 459, the employment of 7456 people, the annual sales income of $1 billion 630 million, profit of $510 million, the annual income of migrant workers reached 260 million yuan.

Ramen economy has become the most direct and effective way to get rid of poverty in our province.

Qinghai Ramen economy in the 123 step

demonstration leading role. Has been developed by the pro business Pro Pro Pro, neighbors help neighbors, and gradually lead more relatives and neighbors out of work.

According to

statistics, the average of a Hand-Pulled Noodle hall led 5 people to 7 people in stable employment, and through the "123 steps" (a year or two wage earners Hand-Pulled Noodle carpenter, three years of small boss) development mode, make a lot of Hand-Pulled Noodle households from the initial staff, Hand-Pulled Noodle Carpenter become a pull noodle shop owner. Step by step to industrialization, part of Hand-Pulled Noodle store scale development, become the brand chain stores, such as origin, Sarah flowers, Qinghai people, such as Luo Tuoquan, the annual sales income of 10 million yuan, made a demonstration for upgrading, economic restructuring and development of Hand-Pulled Noodle mention.

Province in the province and outside the establishment of a number of overseas labor service agencies, assigned to understand business, good management, service staff, to strengthen the management and service of migrant workers. The office has played an important role in assisting the management of migrant workers to solve the problems of children’s enrollment, labor disputes and so on. ;

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