Recently, the west area of three from strengthening the height of the building, the village (community) two committees general election work arrangements. As a combination of educational practice, the west area has 10 grassroots party organizations are weak and lax to carry out special rectification, completed 13 village general risk assessment and audit work, for the village (community) the general lay the foundation work, prepared. Village (community) grassroots organizations as the party in the village (community) the basis of all work and combat effectiveness, the party and the government is closely linked to the masses of the bridge and link. The general election to big stable, small adjustment, left into backbone, new principles, by election, optimizing the village (community) committees of the cultural structure, age structure, personnel structure, and professional knowledge structure, improve the overall quality of the village (community) between the team members. At the same time, focus on selection with strong village (community) secretary of the party organization, the village (community) committee team of an efficient, full of vitality, the village (community) committee team unity and cooperation, harmonious working and coordinated work norms. It is understood that, through the general, West District, the region’s rural (community) has a good idea of scientific development, the new path of industrial development, the new face of harmonious development.  

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