Lanzhou high-speed railway. December 5th, the city of Xining City, once again put into human and material resources, the region along the high speed rail transit environment focused on large remediation, the United States and the United States will be a good side to the outside world of Qinghai.

high speed rail transit along the Lanzhou Xinjiang district a total length of 10.5 kilometers, along the way, nine Wei Jia Zhuang Jia Wan, Guo Jiata, Su Bao 4 village environment needs renovation. In the past, the north along the high-speed rail to be adjusted 4 villages are no garbage transfer station, the villagers dump garbage, muck phenomenon is more prominent. "Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to monitor the unit area north of the city captain Zhang Qishou said, in order to improve the area along the high-speed railway environment dirty, disorderly and poor problem, material and concentration of Chengbei district financial and human resources, divided into 5 sections along the 4.9 km long road garbage, clean up and rectify illegal buildings. At the same time, the village road into asphalt road, 4 villages to build garbage house, equipped with garbage bucket, set up on both sides of the road fence, guide the villagers to establish a good sense of environmental protection. After the spring of next year, will be along the villagers housing decoration.

day, joint law enforcement departments Seongbuk Guo Jia ta after the demolition of construction waste, concentrate on cleaning up to nine bay to double along the Su Bao Cun Aqua demolition waste. According to reports, since the development of new high speed railway Qinghai section along the comprehensive environmental remediation work, the north area of nearly 120 thousand cubic meters of garbage are cleared up.


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