On October 2nd at 1:30 in the morning, Xining Jiahe Century Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. in the relevant departments have not been under the condition of Big Dipper Palace Street No. 1, construction bank business department building their own demolition. At 3:40, the demolition of the building cement structures fall into the West Street on the south side of the high-voltage cable, have been pulled down, the oblique pull in Big Dipper Palace Street, street and West Street Department of democracy at the 6 poles, the West Main Street along the street on both sides of the floor blackouts, caused no casualties.

after the accident, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying, municipal committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua, deputy mayor Tong Wang and relevant departments rushed to the scene to direct rescue work and held the spot, the electricity sector to restore power requirements: out of plan, the early restoration of power supply; the public security department to restore traffic order, the fire department emergency rescue rescue work; construction units should establish the demolishing scheme, ensure not demolition work safety problems; the city district government do on-site demolition and Street merchants and residents of the masses of persuasion and explanation; safety supervision departments should strengthen the safety inspection of the construction unit, to prevent such things from happening again.

after the accident, the city district government leaders also rushed to the scene, fire, police, timely coordination of power, public security, urban management, construction, safety supervision and other related departments for emergency disposal, and set up a field command, under the masses of the working group, on-site disposal group, the working group responsible for publicity, on the street businesses, residents, on-site interpretation of persuasion dangerous demolition, health, safety, clean up. Traffic police department to implement the closure of the West Street, fire and power companies along the West Main Street were investigated, and developed a program to restore power supply.

at present, demolition repair, restore traffic, restore power and other work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

and   it is understood that the accident caused several kilometers of cable, 6 wire rod damage, field repair personnel has reached 180 people. The person in charge of the scene of the electricity sector, said they will work overtime, the night to repair, to ensure that around 3 at about 12 to restore power supply.


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