Green in the extension, it is from the airport high-speed landscape to other large scale extension of the highway! In September 5th, a reporter from the office of Nanshan green headquarters was informed that the basis of present picturesque scenery in Xining Airport Expressway, the city is about to start a green corridor construction of West transit highway (Qi Jia Cheng Xigang to implement green landscaping engineering section). How to build 12 km high-speed Corridor West transit highway is to the west of Qinghai Huangzhong, Huangyuan, Qinghai Lake tourism town surrounding towns traffic arteries, the implementation of the green landscape engineering design range east to West Qi Jia Cheng Xigang overpass overpass, planning a length of about 12 kilometers, after planning the forestry sector in our city, in the recently completed the formalities coordinate the Beichuan canal irrigation work, started to implement the land preparation, planting etc.. [] the status of the landscape area terrain, greening conditions, the existing highway fence greening afforestation and greening seedlings of small size, poor growing, lack of landscape plant configuration, are not up to the requirements of the landscape. [] to build green corridor on both sides of the highway landscape shelterbelt as the main line, increase green width, improve landscape level, enhance the protective effect, increase the proportion of flowering plants in greening, echoing with the existing plant communities, the formation of good landscape and ecological system. To build a unique and beautiful landscape ecological corridor. [] 8 at the selected node landscape focus on the land along the landscape as node, group by clove, forsythia, yuyemei, peony, Sorbaria and other flowering shrubs, forming impressive landscape node. Create a road with the king king by the way of "artistic conception of West transit highway (Qi city to Xigang section) in landscape design in Qinghai to reflect the local characteristics, around the" safety, ecology, tourism "construction of the theme, and the surrounding terrain in harmony, creating a rich color, distinctive, magnificent the green landscape, with strong regional characteristics in Qinghai, the formation of" the way with the king, king by the way of "the unique artistic conception, through the construction, will improve the ecological environment along the highway and landscape effect, and exert the protective function of highway greenbelt better, forming a protective high quality green system.  

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