In order to comprehensively strengthen and improve the management level of information service for the whole population, we should seek new breakthroughs in the basic work, the integration of grassroots forces, the promotion of information sharing, active service to the masses and so on

in order to comprehensively strengthen and enhance the level of information service management of the whole population, in order to consolidate the basic work, the integration of grassroots forces, promote information sharing, active service and other aspects of the masses to seek new breakthroughs. Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission grid management to the full population information management and the City Commission to carry out the actual population and special work combined, in the city to carry out the full population information collection mechanism innovation action and achievements.

(a) leaders attach importance to clear responsibility. full population information collection mechanism innovation action work, complete the task for the high quality, the city population and Family Planning Commission issued the "information collection mechanism of the full population of Xining city innovation action plan". District and county leaders attach great importance to set up a special leading group, and clear division of tasks, formulate layers of action to implement the plan, step by step clear action system and work responsibilities, and held a special meeting to make arrangements.

(two) propaganda strong, strong atmosphere. to make people understand the "two act" meaning, obtain the understanding and support of the masses, create a favorable information collection work carried out by the social atmosphere of public opinion, the district and county carried out extensive propaganda and mobilization, make full use of brochures and community LED large screen advertising entity, extensive publicity, so that the masses understand more on this activity.

(three) to strengthen cooperation with the Department, mutual benefit and win-win . The Commission "two action" by the public security departments, the survey focused on the organization of multi power, collecting information is the principle of "one household, multi information collection". Districts and counties in the conduct of the organization before the organization of family planning cadres into the household survey training, pre job skills training to promote information collection work smoothly. The health department in a timely manner with the public security departments coordination, strengthen ties, mutual communication and cooperation, resource sharing, mutual benefits in the investigation of the registration, convenience greatly for their business registration, to ensure the quality of information.

(four) classification management, optimizing grid database. to avoid the full population information management (WIS) system has the data conflict, district and county in the full population information management system in a new database, the original community population information system, information submitted to separate pure population code, grid database access to new, two do the same with the database management at the same time, with the maintenance and update data.

(five) fine collection, improve data quality. The information collection work, district and county information quality as the priority among priorities, in strict accordance with the requirements of the grid and the "people" to the real principle to the verification of the information acquisition unit, supplementary entry system at the same time. According to "who collects, who input, who is responsible for";

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