since 2012, the West District of Xining City, the focus of city management and service of the masses, let people share the fruits of development closely together, to enhance the city image quality and comprehensive service capabilities, to achieve the government focus on building the "people’s livelihood city", the public consciously active maintenance of city environment in harmony.

the concept of refinement to further rationalize the city management mechanism, management staff will be fixed position to the grid unit, change management is extensive and meticulous management, strengthen inspections, inspections and 14 hours at night when the wrong work system, increase the urban primary and secondary streets and sunning Plaza each kind of illegal behavior of strict control efforts. In strict accordance with the "big city, full coverage, long-term" ideas, the full implementation of the responsibility system, Long Street building in the area, Dean realizes responsibility management full coverage, no blind spots, seamless docking work target.

to increase the digital management of urban construction, the purchase of more than 700 square meters of office space, the construction of digital urban management, social management innovation, government emergency command and other digital management platform. The key to carry out illegal Jeeves, damaged stores remediation, military enterprises build, outdoor advertising management, health management, city road construction waste collection and transportation and other kitchen renovation environmental special rectification of more than 30 households, Jeeves, peddlers of heart discussion, achieved good results.

at the same time, increase the intensity of construction, a large number of people, Huimin facilities have been built, reasonable, convenient and orderly urban infrastructure and service system has been gradually improved. Investment of more than 1550 yuan on our road along the 17 building, the Yellow River road along the 11 building monomer building, sunning Road on both sides of street landscape design, small sculptures of lighting; investment of more than 70 yuan in the show waterway, West Main Street and Cold Lake Road at the junction of new public toilets 2; investment more than 570 yuan to promote the construction of underground garbage transfer stations 7 in urban areas; the investment of more than 30 yuan in the main street of new (replacement) peel box 400; invested 320 thousand yuan to purchase sanitation cleaning car 40, and according to the spirit of the city of relevant documents, the jurisdiction of the wages of sanitation workers increased from 900 yuan to 1350 yuan original. (author: Su Jianping Ma Zhanyu)

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