Recently, Huangzhong eight petals lotus culture Communication Co., Ltd. declared the "lotus petals BABANLIANHUA" won the national well-known trademark title, which is the province’s first national cultural tourism industry well-known trademarks in.

2012, Huang Zhongxian has invested 120 million yuan to implement the "eight petal lotus" of folk arts and crafts exhibition experience sales center, performing arts center, Tibetan culture and creative industry park two Hehuang Museum and other cultural tourism projects; carefully build Chen Jia Tan Cultural Tourism Industrial Park, investment two hundred million yuan of Tibetan furniture styling products production line, silk Thangka, Tibetan culture, Tibetan Culture Museum of Arts and Crafts Development Series Gold Art Institute and other cultural tourism projects have been settled in the park; carefully organized the "eight petal lotus" Arts and crafts design contest organization; push out very local and national characteristics of suyouhua Lantern Festival and other activities to attract a lot of tourists, Huangzhong "eight lotus culture" tourism brand effect gradually, expanding the visibility and influence.

at present, the "eight petal lotus" cultural tourism industry development of leading enterprises to 10, 30 production base, processing more than 300, inside and outside the province more than and 500 sales outlets, with provincial and municipal cultural industry cultural industry demonstration base 8, employing 18 thousand people, has become the Huangzhong county and the province’s distinctive characteristics of cultural industries brand. In 2012, the cultural industry output value of 380 million yuan, of which the "eight petal lotus" characteristics of the industrial output value of 340 million yuan, tourism revenue reached 466 million yuan, effectively promote the integration of the characteristics of cultural tourism industry development in Huangzhong. (author: Zhang Xiaojuan)


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