The first half of this year, the west area for improving people’s livelihood expenditure amounted to 642 million, the region accounted for 86% of financial expenditure; the first in the province to carry out the landless farmers’ old-age insurance; take the lead in the implementation of sanitation, greening, urban integration management and service reform; successfully signed 4 projects a total investment amounting to 5 billion yuan; the South Lane area weather etc. the key project of the housing levy hit West speed…… A group of figures, one project, one of the first to break through, fully verify the speed of the western development, scale, quality and efficiency to enhance. This is the reporter from the West District Committee held in August 8th on the thirteen plenary meeting was informed of the nine.

to create economic upgrade

West struggling to complete the improvement of people’s livelihood upgrade tasks. Comprehensively promote the landless peasants pension insurance work. Built and put into operation in the West District entrepreneurial incubation base. Completed 199 old houses scattered high definition video probe installation project. West District to create food and drug regulatory platform, built 50 sunny kitchen. Built in the west area of employment services for people with disabilities street. &n;

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