in 2014 the city’s financial cake cut to where? How to cut? For the people most concerned about education, health care, housing, employment, prices and other people’s livelihood expenditure increased only by. This year, our city will be based on financial austerity, highlighting the people’s livelihood concept, continue to be above 80% for the 11 Financial livelihood of people keen.

it is understood that this year, the main indicators of the city’s financial tasks are: local public budget revenue growth of 17%; public budget expenditure to complete more than 98%; for special funds increased by 20%, accounting for an increase of 1%. This year, the city’s financial cake to do this:

– give priority to investment in Education: to continue to improve the mechanism to ensure funding for education 1+9+3 ", support the implementation of pre-school education programme, launched special education enhancement program, to promote the development of Career Academy and secondary occupation school construction of key specialty.

increase employment support efforts: efforts to promote the city and the four district business incubator and the construction of entrepreneurship training base of the three counties, to further strengthen the skills training to support entrepreneurship to promote employment, and promote full employment.

perfect social security system: support for urban and rural residents pension insurance, improve urban and rural medical insurance subsidies, improve urban and rural residents illness insurance and relief system to support the development of pension services.

* to promote the development of medical services: support for deepening the reform of public hospitals and improve the grading system of diagnosis and treatment, and constantly improve the medical payment mechanism to control the total amount of medical expenses and medical insurance accounted for the proportion of the directory.

speed up the construction of housing projects: multi channel to attract social capital to participate in the construction, operation and management, to promote the smooth implementation of the city’s affordable housing construction projects. Efforts to solve the housing problems of urban low-income families, and gradually improve the housing conditions of urban middle-income families.

to promote the development of Sports Tourism: overall integration of cultural tourism resources, and further enhance the community culture and Arts Festival and other mass cultural brands and International Dance Festival and other major cultural events.

– support to stabilize market prices: according to what the market lacks what adjustment principle, increase the meat transporting vegetables and meat reserves, to further expand the parity direct car, direct sales stores parity coverage area, the newly rebuilt a number of agricultural and sideline products wholesale market.

to speed up the development of agriculture and rural areas: from the source to promote the implementation of the "food basket" project. Combined with the comprehensive development of modern agricultural agricultural demonstration park project, vigorously develop modern urban agriculture plateau, increase agricultural industrialization support efforts to increase agricultural and animal husbandry science and technology demonstration investment.

: speeding up urbanization and steadily push forward the village public construction of a proposed financial awards complement the work of promoting the healthy development of the rural social welfare undertakings, and strive to more areas included in the scope of the pilot province’s beautiful countryside construction.

to promote poverty alleviation and development work: to improve the living standards of the poor and reduce the number of poor people as the goal;

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