Huangzhong county Party Secretary Zhang Qiguang:

(Trial)", "grassroots cadres work regulations (Trial)", "cadre of County Rural three daily work practices", the 129 series accounted for off-site personnel timely check, immediate dismissal of 3 in violation of the provisions of the civil servants, with the system the frame is the cadre behavior specification for serious work discipline. Deep search service deficiencies and problems, the service short board public appearance, public commitment to the supervision of the masses as a driving force to improve the level of service.

in the small Gaoling to create a spiritual identity

"two collection" to highlight the charm of practice. In order to further promote the educational practice in Huangyuan County, for the community to solicit "people letters" and "mass line of discourse". In the activity, the masses of Party members to participate actively preparing for, as of now, to collect a total of 131 "mass discourse" and "people letter" of 92 copies, each a "Discourse", each "letter" reflect the county’s economic and social undertakings in the construction of the people concerned about the hot and difficult issues, expression the voices and demands of the masses, they actively participate in home construction embodies the spirit of the masters. At the same time, the county leaders read the first letter, will be constructive significance of the family to be made to ensure that the voice of the masses, no distortion".

"small Gaoling" construction of the masses;

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