Xining North Street Primary School to carry out an excellent course of lecture activities in the teachers, in order to play a leading role in the demonstration of middle-aged teachers and teachers, promote the rapid growth of young teachers, to adapt to education as soon as possible.

North Street primary school always adhere to strengthen team construction, promoting the education reform, the new mode of education work in exploring the school-based teaching research, the school-based teaching research, education and scientific research, teaching and research activities of the organic fusion combined together, the real implementation of the normal course of the boutique, boutique class normalization. Through health education courses, teachers lead the demonstration lesson, young teachers show class, middle-aged teachers by class, teachers, new teachers report class debut class lesson display activities for all the teachers in teaching practice are mutual learning and mutual correlation, mutual promotion and complement each other in teachers of all ages. To further promote the service ability and the level of teaching.

through the development of a quality course "activities, the selection of the school course in the area of teaching and research activities in demonstrating the fruitful teaching achievements, play a leading role in radiation, and to" one course "based on the typical cases, and constantly enrich the school resources, an excellent course play a positive role to solve the young teachers in the teaching of the confusion and other aspects of teacher education and teaching guide and service.


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