over the years, people shop more and more like to choose the brand store. For clothing, too. Moreover, many people have a misunderstanding, that is, the operation of the franchise is a very simple thing, in fact, is not. Now, the clothing market competition is very fierce, want to be more competitive, do not understand the operating skills is not good. So, how should the clothing store business? What are the business skills?

1. must pay attention to clothing store store decoration and layout, is the key to attract customers, increase the performance of protection.

2. franchise stores must choose high quality products, reasonable design, easy access to consumers, establish a better image.

3. as a clothing store operators or sales staff do not everything in the wake of the consumer behind, so as not to cause consumer resentment.

4. clothing stores pay attention to the personal hygiene problems of the staff, clothing must be appropriate, so as to attract the most customers, with the best reputation.

5. clothing store products should be placed in accordance with the "easy to see, easy to take" principle, convenient for consumers to buy products.

6. for the price of the product must be in a prominent position in the clothing store show, do not appear two price error, to avoid misunderstanding consumers.

7. clothing store sales staff and customer communication should not involve the topic of clothing products, so as not to cause consumer resentment.


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