pharmacy has a lot of risks, but pharmacies can bring convenience to people’s lives and health, so many people will invest in pharmacies. So, open a pharmacy, then what conditions need to be able to do? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

general pharmacies whether western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine is a pharmacist qualification certificate, in order to open pharmacies, pharmacies have what conditions? If the drug itself is not what research or simply do not understand medicine, so even if the store opened up is still a risk, if there is a medicine take the wrong, the patient may have life danger, they also may therefore lose everything. On the other hand, now the drugs do not come into contact with their agents, there will be a great probability in counterfeit drugs, so the pharmacy industry have much too much risk.

according to the "Drug Administration Law" stipulates that the establishment of pharmaceutical enterprises, must have the following conditions to open pharmacies:

1, according to the law has been recognized by the pharmaceutical technical personnel: the specific conditions to see whether the pharmacy is located in the county or above in the township or village, what are the conditions to open pharmacies? Different regions may not be the same, depending on the specific provisions of the provincial food and drug administration;

2, what are the conditions to open pharmacies? Proper business premises, operated by the pharmaceutical equipment, storage facilities and a sanitary environment: there must be a drug fixed premises, it can meet the storage of drugs, do not affect the overall conditions favorable to the quality of medicines, drug business activities, in different areas of the field area requirements may not be the same.

3, with the management of drugs to adapt to the quality of the management agency or personnel; with the assurance of the quality of the rules and regulations of the operation of drugs: what are the conditions for opening pharmacies? The need to develop a compliance system and management system, mainly according to the specific requirements of GSP (GSP) terms, and can implement these preparations, to do according to or be investigated (i.e., the execution system should be recorded).

pharmacy title is a pharmacist or licensed pharmacist. Graduated from college for three years, more than one year of undergraduate diploma. You can open a shop can be a pharmacist can not be. What are the conditions for opening pharmacies? When you open the shop all the pharmacy staff to get through your local drug administration training to get the "pharmacy practitioners certificate". You want to rent a house with open pharmacies in the right position, then an application to FDA at pharmacies, food and Drug Administration in accordance with the requirements will be sent to see the shop soon send you agreed to build the approval of pharmacy.

you again in accordance with the provisions of the food and Drug Administration with all hardware facilities, including air conditioning, computer, shelves, counter, according to the requirements of 1-2 to hire a licensed pharmacist, a pharmacist or several salesperson, please open the food and Drug Administration approval, have what conditions? After passing the "drug recommended to you

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