now countless people in the university is to be able to find a satisfactory job, not to hard, however, but there are always so "toss" after graduating from university is not honest, to give up work, must carry out entrepreneurship. In this paper, the hero is such entrepreneurs, and also got a great success oh.

Qiingdao University Ho Park Apartments near

Ningde road snack street, recently saw a striking sign: "brother trendsetter pancakes". As you will be surprised, two handsome young stall really tide: a small jacket, wearing a shoulder length hair. This is a stylish two 80, they had resigned from the lucrative job, despite family opposition, to small business, from set up small pancake stalls start, towards the "Chinese snack king" dreams.

80 green pancakes

near trendsetter


was green in the Gallant Garden apartment door only stall for 7 days, two "trendsetter brother has had a lot of pancakes" old customers, and was affectionately known as "elder brother".

wearing a small jacket, tide brother called Li Zhi, Qingdao people, 26 years old, in 2008 after graduating from the Northeast Petroleum University to work in a travel company in Beijing, back to Qingdao before the start of a monthly salary of around $10000. Long hair shoulder tide brother called Deng Jie, just 23 years old, Hohhot, graduated from the Inner Mongolia Institute of Electronic Science and technology last year, Career Technical College, before engaging in IT industry.

speaking of the name "trendsetter pancake brother", Li Zhi said it was time to go to the south to participate in the wedding, from a local name. "Some people say that looking like a child casually play a stall, but I do not think so, the first to attract you enough." Li Zhi said.

for the "elder brother" this call, Deng Jie initially was not used, feel not enough is the trend, but now he learned to laugh at yourself, "since we do not abandon our looks, then we do make pancakes," elder brother "."


last August were working in Beijing, Li Zhi told Deng Jie about his entrepreneurial dream pancake fruit, the two hit it off, resign immediately came to Qingdao. From fried crackers, fried sesame, corn flour, and spread to Griddle Cake, name, buy a car, do they find shelves, stalls, every little bit myself. "Who taught you ah, we steal the observation, the Internet Baidu, three days to eat a pancake fruit, there are more than and 100. Finally learned."

really began to stall, two people agreed to make pancakes is tired but insisted. 6 every morning to get up from the water, preparation, sesame, lettuce, and go out to loading, support stand, until 11 pm to withdraw stalls, go home afterwards, wash the car, the recommended

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