now people’s pursuit of fashion is also getting closer to nature and retro trend. Like in handmade crafts, knitting products all Handmade with pure natural color of its unique and deep love and the pursuit of modern people, all kinds of exquisite practical and beautiful grass, hemp and other hand weaving is a new fashion city room. So, if caught this fashion to the demands of the people, to open a fashion hand woven products franchise stores, will bring you good income.

fashion handmade woven franchise store investment analysis

is the best choice to rent a room window in the flower shop, boutique Street or central wholesale market, 12-15 square meters, the monthly rent of 500 yuan. Store layout: there is a natural rustic flavor of the local flavor and fresh chic fashion. Business: all kinds of hand made daily necessities and gifts. Specific varieties are:

fashion handmade crafts store franchise type a

willow products: fresh, natural, simple, clean, make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Such as wicker basket, flower basket, suitcase, bookshelf, cradle and some cage, basket, tray, basket etc.. Straw crafts: various straw developed small animal, small toys, hat, fan and other small products, welcomed by the people, and the ornamental and collection value. Corn skin woven fabrics: corn skin textile carpets, mattresses, cushions, for cushion, cushion pads, suitcase, basket, fruit plate and other necessities of life style appearance, by the merchants welcome.

fashion handmade crafts store franchise type two

: a series of products of procriscrenata handbags, linen cap, linen cushion, rattan sofa, rattan tables, rattan chairs and so on, is in short supply, the market demand. In addition, bamboo products like bamboo, sorghum straw, palm leaves, rushes hand woven products market is very good, can consider some varieties of business.

fashion handmade shop franchise shop guide

from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, the size of the wholesale market to buy, but also to engage in hand woven rural direct purchase. Conditions can be processed in accordance with the pattern, so that the first to ensure the stability of supply, while greatly reducing costs, save a lot of working capital, but also conducive to continuous improvement of products.

fashion handmade specialty store profitability analysis

total investment 8500-10000 yuan. Hand woven product profit in general about 35-40%, the average daily turnover of 400 yuan by the day, gross income of 150 yuan monthly gross income of 4500 yuan, the annual gross income of 54000 yuan, remove investment costs, rent, taxes and fees, management fees, freight 24000 yuan Jian

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