in such an entrepreneurial era, many entrepreneurs are chasing their dreams, there is such a person, their dream is to help others achieve their dreams. Wang Weigong is one of them.

"I love Chinese traditional culture, often to listen to some Ancient Chinese Literature Search class." Every year, half the time living abroad he said, there are Chinese meilanzhuju feelings of traditional culture, there is The Four Books and the Five Classics attitude to life, it is to make a lot of foreigners is obsessed with something, in fact, entrepreneurs also need good feelings and attitude towards life.

The value of

this view may be related to his growth and entrepreneurial experience. Wang Weigong was born in Heilongjiang, a rural family, from childhood to follow their parents around, high school and college time spent in Zhengzhou, in 1993 to make a living in the United States, in 2000 to become a foreign company executives.

2001, from the United States to return to business, he first thought of Zhengzhou. In 2006, he invested in the establishment of Henan Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd., starting from the entrepreneur to create a customer nurturing and entrepreneurial investors change.

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