As the coastal city of China,

Fujian is the first batch of reform and opening up, economic development is more rapid, people’s living standards have been significantly improved. But in the face of natural disasters, is still bewildered, September 15th 3:05, fourteenth this year, super typhoon "Meranti" in grade 15 in Xiangan coastal landing strength District of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, Fujian and more rain to carry the typhoon caused very serious losses. Fujian province against refers to the latest statistics, "Meranti" to let Fujian the loss of 16 billion 900 million yuan.

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, "Meranti" landing in Xiamen, causing harm mainly in the most concentrated population in Fujian province of the southern region, leading to the city flooded, houses collapsed and damaged infrastructure, water dispatch circuit interruption, especially in the city of Xiamen power supply basically paralyzed, comprehensive water, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou large area blackout, economic loss serious.

, according to preliminary statistics, as of 16 May 21, Fujian province’s 9 districts and Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area, 86 counties (cities, districts), 1 million 795 thousand and 800 people affected, emergency transfer of 655 thousand and 500 people; because of the affected area wide, around the staff killed 18 people (2 people in Fuzhou, Xiamen 1, Quanzhou 9 people, Zhangzhou 5 people, Ningde 1 people), 11 people missing (Fuzhou 1, Quanzhou 8, Zhangzhou 1, Ningde 1); crops affected 86 thousand and 700 hectares, with 40 thousand hectares, 10 thousand hectares of crops damaged 18323 houses.

in the face of a series of losses in Fujian, Xiao Bian really feel the greatness of mankind, but also lamented the human insignificance, in the face of natural disasters, we have to do a good job of preventive measures, in order to effectively reduce the loss. At present, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou industrial enterprises to fully shut down, the 1297 house rules on industrial enterprises of different degrees of damage; airports shut down 2, canceled flights 268 sorties; EMU outage 188; highway interrupted 260 times, highway passenger stopped 1480 flights, Taiwan passenger routes and coastal ferry across the board suspended power interruption 2782; second, 3 million 230 thousand households; communications interrupted 82 times; damaged dikes 54.05 km, damaged embankments, sluices, irrigation facilities, hydrological stations, electromechanical wells, pumping station electrical and hydropower and water conservancy facilities 1087 (office). The province’s total direct economic losses of 16 billion 900 million yuan, of which water conservancy facilities lost $1 billion 800 million.

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