the number of students start grow with each passing day is not what strange things, now, today’s students are full of passion, energetic, restless in the existing ordinary life, they tend to do it, and most of the stem are also good, Li Qi is a college student.

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and classmates, Li Qi learned that the restaurant franchise is a very suitable for college graduates entrepreneurship project, because the project can get the join guidance, in the beginning does not need too much management experience and capital investment. Unintentionally, listener. Subsequently, Lee will be able to search through the network to join the restaurant chain project. After repeated arguments, he chose the steamed Chinese fast-food chain project.

Li Qi decided to join, then directly with the relevant materials to the headquarters of the Chinese fast food franchise sister dumplings. To the headquarters, steamed to join the Chinese fast sister business conditions make Li Qi questioned his ears, feel incredible. Because the Chinese fast food franchise steamed sister had already established a full range of services for customers to join the investment, so that investors can easily start.

sister to join to join steamed Chinese fast food service is refined from the store location to store decoration have professional guidance, for investors to create a romantic and warm shop. According to sister participated in the steamed Chinese fast food to join the training service of Li Qi, sister of Chinese fast food is steamed to join to make a detailed plan from market research to price positioning, and even how the product portfolio, steamed Mei Chinese fast food franchise headquarters will be carefully taught, but also to investors in the management of training, so that novice can quickly management role. Thus, in order to make dumplings sister Chinese fast food every investor smooth business, providing all aspects of service.

so, Li Qi’s sister dumplings Chinese fast-food shop opened at the beginning, the customer is almost full every day, this makes Li Qi very excited. "Entrepreneurship is also so simple, my sister dumplings Chinese fast-food restaurant in less than three months to recover the costs, shop a year to buy their own house, also bought a car, my classmates and friends are to sit up and take notice."

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