mobile Internet is still in a period of rapid development, finance, health care, education and other traditional industries or the Internet will become the next hot business. At present, an Internet related entrepreneurship competition is starting to register in Jiaxing, interested entrepreneurs may wish to try.

business competition won the favor

for many foreign enterprises do not know how to seize the opportunities of the Internet in recent years, Jiaxing government organized a variety of cross-border electricity application, cross-border electricity used process skills and how to use the platform to promote product training and various Internet competition. The newly launched the first "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition is a good platform.

in the event, innovation contest organizers responsible person introduced on the recent hot Jiaxing first "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition, through vivid introduction and detailed answer, many participating businesses to the "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition show a strong interest.

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