if you live in the absence of loans, but the bank calls the loan money to you, your mood but rather baffling more or doubts. Loans need to go through a lot of procedures, but why does this happen? Is premeditated?

recently, Chengdu Mr. He to sina finance reflect themselves rather baffling bear up to 700 thousand yuan of bank loans, the credit information center of the people’s Bank of the loan interest return overdue notice, on the credit blacklist. At this point, Mr. he found the principal of 530 thousand yuan per month up to 7000 yuan of interest, the interest is in your head.

According to Mr.

, because the demand for loans, he signed a loan contract in the rural areas of Lezhi County in Ziyang city in 2011 with the Sichuan provincial credit cooperatives, lending 350 thousand yuan, after the settlement of principal and interest. Because of the demand for loans may again, in May 31, 2013, he and the Lezhi County Rural Credit Cooperatives I signed the "loan contract", and its all located in Chengdu City, a residential mortgage loans as stipulated in the contract for a period of two years.

is responsible for the reception of loan business of rural credit Guilin branch responsible person (who was the director of the branch) Chen, manager Lee, recommended a loan to its circulation. Since then, according to Chen, Lee asked to sign a lot of blank loans, loans required instruments. But then, he always fails to apply for payment.

but in April 2015, he received notice of overdue loan interest of the rural credit office in Guilin. For Lezhi rural credit cooperatives in Guilin, query the situation after the discovery, after the May 31, 2013 and ruralcredit in Guilin, signed a personal loan contract, mortgage contract, personal loan application, personal loans with the application of a series of documents, the letter Guilin bureau chief Chen, Lee used the forged document in September 29, 2013 the "personal loan application", with the "loan payment instructions", "IOU", "loan deposits, withdrawals business certificate", fraudulent use of identity information for Sichuan letter card etc..

Chen in the date of completion of the above actions will loan to the Sichuan credit card account, immediately after operation and the account will be lent to transfer the way to transfer funds to the account name is Wu’s account, will eventually remove all loans above 530 thousand and appropriation.

2015 in May 26th, Mr. He Lezhi County Credit Union staff Chen and others suspected of misappropriation of funds report to the Public Security Bureau of Lezhi County, Lezhi County Public Security Bureau and the official investigation. But in the public security organs in the investigation process, Chen died in 2015 due to illness.


also met with the situation in the credit cooperatives highly recommended

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