regardless of the financial support given by the policy, or social forces to provide entrepreneurial capital support, the lack of funds to start the business people no longer have to worry about funding problems, people’s entrepreneurial threshold is getting lower and lower.

the line at the same time, combined with the characteristics of the actual situation and the area, carefully constructed online and offline interaction platform, all-round, all-weather to provide customers with value-added services, the establishment of small and micro customer center and 5 accredited Center for small and micro vertical management, authorized management of customer manager. According to the characteristics of Small and micro businesses and business groups demand for funds "short, frequency, fast", take the time limit system, effectively solve the loans time, risk control problems and difficult to guarantee three problems.

also implemented interest rate pricing mechanism, through cost accounting and research, under the system of 12 tranches of interest rate pricing base, have a cap on the establishment, to effectively reduce the Small and micro businesses and business groups financing costs. During the Spring Festival, the line of small and micro customer center in Jincheng City Community Alliance first to seize the opportunity to special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, including clothing, food, fruit, tobacco, electrical appliances, digital, automotive and children’s products, customers to promote bancassurance loan products, to provide one-on-one consultation, to ensure the rapid loan in place, not only to solve the Small and micro businesses and ensure that the Spring Festival as pressing danger, adequate market supply.


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