in the current complex business situation, want to open a clinic can be said to be faced with a lot of problems, and even many private medical institutions can not see the future. But the BOE (BOE) with the acquisition of 250 million yuan in Beijing hospital medical industry initiatives for many entrepreneurs, is undoubtedly a shot in the arm, also gave a lot of struggle to start on the road in a clinic owner to private medical institutions are the future.

yes, Ming Tak is a tall on the hospital, and small clinics are different, but in fact, Xiao Bian think, open clinics and hospitals, is essentially the same, are in order to find another world outside the system.

go through all the formalities, layers of approval, looking for a place to purchase equipment, medicines, medical staff after the bidding, finally to the clinic to open up, seems to immediately see the clinic by patients sought to look, but do not happy too early, the clinic opened up, does not mean you really open up the clinic".

due to the negative impact on the market some "not to repeat the clinic to clinic unscrupulous industry, so many patients in the diagnosis of all prejudices, so to the clinic operation of the bustling, is not easy.

so, how to manage the clinic?

first, it is necessary to operate the business model to run the clinic

clinic owner / operator is the key to the successful operation of the clinic. At the same time the hospital calls for professional management, the clinic should also have this awareness. Today, the competition between clinics and clinics is very intense, especially in large cities, there is no one hundred meters there is a clinic, so if the clinic boss is not too ordinary people, it is difficult to let the clinic run.

Drucker said: "the manager’s work must be fruitful, fruitful can be learned, but also must learn". Therefore, in addition to the clinic boss constantly improve their skills, must also continue to learn business management knowledge, combined with the characteristics of their own clinic, to find the most suitable management mode, make best use of limited resources, to achieve the clinic social benefit and economic benefit maximization.

second, should have a strong sense of service

As a doctor,

is the most basic requirement. But in fact, the clinic can see, most of the day is nothing more than a cold cough have a fever diarrhea. These ailments, commonly used drugs are so few, you can look at other clinics clinics also can see, so let the public know you, know you, recognize you, to retain repeat customers.

so what services should be provided by the doctor

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