Nobel award as the world an important award in the world has a very high visibility and recognition, recently there have been three scientists won the Nobel prize in chemistry, has made great contribution for the scientific research at the same time.

Determination of

3 winners are a 77 year old British Francis · Crick, Professor Emeritus of Swede Thomas Lindahl, born in 1946, · Duke University School of Medicine Professor Paul · Mo Derek, a 69 year old American North Carolina School of Medicine Professor Aziz · Jair sang. Among them, Jair Sang was born in Turkey Savur, with the United States and Turkey nationality.

DNA is a kind of molecule, which can be composed of genetic instructions, which can guide the development of biology and the functioning of life. DNA fragments with genetic information are called genes. DNA can be damaged by ultraviolet radiation, free radicals and carcinogens every day. However, the scientific community has been that DNA is a stable molecule, 70s until the last century, the study of Lindahl before break a plan.

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