the past two years, Chinese, double activity booming has attracted a lot of young people in Taiwan, there is a vast market and business opportunities everywhere to Taiwan bring new choice for the development of a person with breadth of vision. More and more young people choose to come to Taiwan to start their own business development.

this is the golden age of cross-strait youth off the record. From the Straits forum to the purple peak, from the two sides of the Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum to innovation and entrepreneurship competition…… The "cross-strait youth entrepreneurship" as the keyword search, a major reversal of cross-strait youth innovation and entrepreneurship news hit, dizzying.

to the policy, take the platform, not just words. General secretary Xi Jinping met with Chinese KMT chairman Zhu Lilun said, "to pay more attention to the growth of cross-strait youth stage, and provide more opportunities for them to make them more exchanges and worked together to heart, become good friends and good partners." In order to good friends and good partners, from top to bottom, is to "fight". This year, the national NPC and CPPCC period, the central proposal, the national level should be formulated to encourage and guide Taiwan to the mainland youth employment policies and measures. During June the Straits forum, "business alliance" of cross-strait youth innovation was established in Fujian Pingtan Taiwan park; quanguotailian announced the establishment of "new media cross-strait cultural and creative youth base" in Xiamen District of Jimei; Fujian Province issued "on the encouragement and support of the Taiwan youth Fujian venture employment opinion". In October, the Taiwan Affairs Office for 12 cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base award.

out of funds, teaching experience, a lot of people do not fall after. The vice chairman of the National Federation, recommended

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