if the government is well done, will be more bright, the city of Ningguo in the process of creating employment service showed four bright spots, caused by the country concerned, it is the work of innovative ideas and provide reference for government services in other areas. Now, let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

One of the highlights:

the establishment of "township people agency"

to solve difficult business and employment problems in Ningguo City, 19 townships (offices) the establishment of human resources and social security ",   established a coverage of urban and rural guidance services and public service platform, including the formation of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship project library, expert consulting services, small loans, coordination apply for various licenses, follow-up services," six in one "business service mechanism, to provide convenient, fast and effective employment services for the urban and rural laborers. The day before, agency staff often set up stalls in the village to go home, delivering jobs, send information activities, in-depth rural labor organization and job seekers recruitment business face to face, let the rural labor force at home you can learn more, the latest recruitment information.

highlights of the two: the establishment of "entrepreneurial QQ group"

highlights of the three: the creation of "incubator"

highlights of the four: the establishment of "financing platform"

The establishment of small and Medium Enterprises Credit Guarantee Center

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