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on innovation and entrepreneurship policy, private economy development of meteorological new, effectively promotes the development of economy, provide jobs for more and more people believe in support of policy, entrepreneurial companies or the development of micro enterprises are able to get better.

in the external economic environment is complicated and grim, downward pressure situation, Suzhou City Yongqiao district government to develop the private economy will not change, the private economy has maintained a good momentum of development. In 2012, 2013, 2014 (2015 year yet competitions) annual assessment of private economy, to achieve the "three consecutive" Yongqiao District, the provincial government awarded the "advanced county private economy development".   in 2015 the region added 3236 private enterprises, private enterprises have reached a total of 11538.

to stimulate innovation and vitality of private economy

"double" to create a strong atmosphere of. To encourage migrant workers to return home business, creating a popular "hit" the entrepreneurial innovation atmosphere, promote more foreign nationals in Suzhou Phoenix "". To promote the "three in one" reform of the registration system, to achieve a photo of a code". Make full use of symbols from the town, near the River Street, cycle Park, Taoyuan town Small and micro businesses and migrant workers return home entrepreneurship base incubator Venture Park, nursery – Incubator – provide accelerator "the whole chain of business support.

led by the District People Club Bureau, with the Suzhou technician school, Career Technical College in Suzhou city and training institutions, enterprises or training institutions of professional and technical workers on-site training, training of people not less than 900 people. Improve the business incubator platform. Improve the region’s existing 7 Venture Park construction and management, providing entrepreneurial Incubation Platform and policy support for various initial entrepreneurs.

to promote innovation and transformation of private enterprises


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