is a very special name, they in the whole society is a group of very special people, recently, one of the measures promulgated by the state is a big thing for the majority of their wives.

in fact, not only is the self occupation veterans can enjoy the preferential tax, if their occupation is a Junsao, preferential tax. Ms. Chua is a professor at Nanjing wife, lover and she would give up military academies, in the army came to the stable home in northern Nanjing. At home to do a full-time wife is a lot of people dream of, but Ms. Cai would like to break out of their own piece of heaven and earth. She called on two fellow wanted to find a darn, when she went to apply for tax registration, tax officials told her country for the dependents of employment tax incentives.

after tax officials explained that Ms. Chua couldn’t wait to go back to prepare documents: "the state has so good preferential policies to encourage our Junsao independent entrepreneurs, I believe your choice not wrong. I want to go back to these policies to those who give up work for families, so that they also enjoy national tax red!"

Junsao as a soldier’s wife, their identity is very special, but it is also a very special group, the country launched a policy like this, in fact for their wives out of business or very helpful.


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