open bar, make money business is not difficult? Many investors are very interested in the bar industry development opportunities, if you really want to try once, then you can learn a lot about business. Ready to work, make business more peace of mind. Xiaobian finishing some of the points, for reference, hoping to help you.

, a scientific feasibility analysis

1, fully aware of the difficulties and disadvantages of the separation of entrepreneurship, in preparation for a certain self analysis. See if you and your partner are proficient in this line. If you don’t understand, be sure to hire a professional to take care of your bar. Later in the day to day business can be familiar with, and can manage their own business.

2, through the collection of market information, research, forecasting, the more accurate and comprehensive scientific analysis of the market. Before the preparation must be included in the market outlook, the purchase channels, and other factors, including the comprehensive market analysis.

3, analysis of their peers, but also that competitors do know ourselves, victorious. Learn from other people’s strengths and advantages, on this basis to create their own characteristics.

4, bar positioning analysis. Including the business direction of the bar, the target consumer groups, the price of drinks and other accurate positioning, which is the most important and most critical point.

two, select the correct

address bar

1, bar concentration point, also that the so-called bar street, as well as the neighborhood. Because there are advantages and atmosphere of the group, is the most prosperous aspects of the bar, where customers gathered, a large amount of wine throughput. But there are weaknesses in the competition is too strong, so the small bar in this case must be operating characteristics, product personality. Only in this way can the bar as focus group to have a place to live in, but also can borrow on favorable wind.

2, a higher cultural level, residents and more concentrated area, can operate in several popular bars and other leisure places, consumption is too high is not easy.

3, close to the tourist and business exchanges around the hotel. One source is stable, and convenient guest selection.

4, upscale residential areas and commercial areas. This lot is ideal, when the night falls, these areas will show infinite vitality.

5, foreign affairs agencies are more concentrated in the lot, preferably near the embassy. This is the best place to open a bar, because it is often the best way for foreigners to entertain their friends.

The decoration and configuration of

1, a bar mounted recommended

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