avoid monologue


in exchange and buyers, and buyers to communicate is actually thought, you know, this is a two-way communication. Not only do we have to say, but also to encourage each other to speak, through his words, we can understand the basic needs of customers, such as: is to buy a skirt? Or coat? Or pants? Two way communication is an effective tool to understand each other, should not sell a person in a one-man show, monologue. If you have a strong desire to show, opening, tuomohengfei, off the reel chatter without stop, self talk rapidly, regardless of any, fully and delightfully, respond, only to let the other side disgust.

and buyer talk attitude must be enthusiastic, language must be sincere, both speech and deportment to reveal real feelings, be passionate, genuine and sincere words, your true love. Touching the heart, Mo first feeling, this is the seller’s real feelings, only with your own feelings, to get each other’s feelings of sympathy. In the conversation, cold talk will inevitably bring about the ice, the ice will bring a deal, to talk about taboo cold.

avoid stiff

sellers and buyers in voice communication, voice loud, language is beautiful, cadence and distinctive rhythm, with thick thin voice; slow speed; high and low tone; tone have light weight. To be more or less emotional, lively and vivid, full of sound and colour. We should not speak without high and low, the speed of the points, no rhythm and pause, stiff stiff, no vitality and vitality.

not to argue

sellers in communicating with the buyer, we mainly sell products, not to participate in the debate, to know and argue that buyers can not solve any problems, will only lead to customer dissatisfaction. The seller must first understand buyers have different understandings and insights on the goods, allow people talk, to express different views; if you try to buyers and acrimonious debate, even if you have the upper hand, won the customer was rendered speechless, and red eared, injured all over the body shame, you happy, happy but, what you get is what? Is lost buyers, lost business.

not questioned

not < > command

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