housing problem has always been of concern, but a little understanding of the real estate market friends are clear today’s real estate market is chaos, not only to the majority of the residents of the housing problems brought about, but also affected the development of the real estate market sustained, healthy and stable. Faced with this situation, Hangzhou four departments jointly, facing the industry chaos remediation.

Hangzhou City Housing Bureau, Construction Committee, market supervision bureau, price bureau and other four departments jointly issued a notice on the 3 day, will include tie-in sale, selling fake "undocumented, the most expensive land" and other 15 kinds of unfair business practices to increase efforts to rectify and standardize the real estate market, and promote stable and healthy real estate market the development of.

according to the notice, the four departments will be based on the division of responsibilities, do a good job in the real estate development enterprises to investigate and deal with illegal acts. Among them, the administrative department of construction, real estate administrative focus on 5 kinds of unfair business practices: by fabricating or spreading rumors and other policy changes way of malicious speculation, disturb the market order; no pre-sale permit the sale of commercial housing; commercial housing sales do not meet the conditions, through the intermediary business platform, to subscribe, identification chips, booking, arranging, the issuing way charged to the buyer or a collection of deposit, booking and other costs; property hoarding or disguised hoarding houses, such as pre-sale permit after one-time public listing of all information and sales, control sales progress will have no publicity; as a commercial housing sales contract object to the sale of commercial housing to others.

The competent department of market supervision

focus on 7 kinds of unfair business practices: publishing false information and advertising, such as the release of inconsistent with the facts "on the CD" entertained prices "the most expensive land" "Wang," "hot property" and other information to create a market panic; defining a tie-in sale or additional conditions etc. contrary to the buyer will force the buyer to accept the price of commodities or services, such as bundling parking spaces, parking spaces malicious raise prices; publication of real estate advertisements appear in the financing or financing, appear appreciation or return on investment commitments; make misleading propaganda on traffic, commercial, cultural and educational facilities and other municipal conditions in the real estate advertisement, planning or construction of municipal facilities is not indicated in the advertisement; the development of enterprises has not stated the pre-sale of real estate, advertising sales. The pre-sale or sale of the license certificate number; in the real estate advertisement project location maps are clear and accurate, the proportion of distortion and misleading consumers; the use of real estate advertising in architectural design renderings or model photos, does not indicate.

price departments focus on 3 kinds of unfair business practices: commercial housing sales price; real estate sales outside the increase in the price of the sale of housing or collect fees not specified; by fabricating or spreading information malicious speculation, drive up prices.

clear notice of the relevant functional departments can be depending on the circumstances, in accordance with the laws and regulations and the relevant state recommended

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