in recent years, the food and beverage industry is moving towards the direction of the development of brand characteristics, of course, for investors, the need to have a unique market penetration. What is the future development trend of the catering industry? No special food. Specialty food is also the future development trend of the food and beverage industry. Fire fish dishes followed the trend, launched the unique Chinese flame fish, to consumers in the visual and taste the delicacy brought out of the ordinary experience.

our common way of cooking fish is steamed, braised, stewed fish, fire outside of different dishes, wine fire craft creative, unique taste, has a strong visual impact. This wine fire techniques is a kind of ancient technology, but it can bring us a delicious is remarkable, therefore, the fish fire flame fish dishes I was filled with joy.

Double heating

fish dishes featuring fish can make fire cooked quickly locked firmly the delicious fish, a unique way of cooking made out of the ordinary delicious, low wine poured on the character on the cover and in the dishes on the burning flame, ingredients evenly heated, the taste of various ingredients will deep into the fish, so when you taste the fish dishes of fish when the fire flame will feel more delicious.

fish dishes fire in the food and beverage market enjoy high visibility, an important reason is the quenching process. The light spilled wine on the pot cover, red flame from the upper heating food, wine, garlic and the smell of meat is overflowing, indulge our sense of smell, it is a visual and taste of the double feast, therefore, fish dishes favored the creative fire become a delicacy.

these are small fish dishes featuring simple delicacy fire, if you fire on the fish to join the delicacy dishes brand interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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