although the owners are now aware of the importance of publicity, but also know the gift for the ability to attract customers, therefore, in the course of the store will be sent to the customer a number of promotional gifts. But because this gift does not necessarily play a role, invisible, not only will make the operator caused a loss, but also to the store’s business development is not helpful. Therefore, the production of promotional gifts may wish to start from the customer’s personal products.

"propaganda" is one of the essential tools for our business. How to pass the information to our customers perfectly, it is necessary for us to do a lot of retail shopkeepers brains, think of a way. Now a lot of stores are processing points, we store the basic information are printed on the card. After all, the integration of the card is very limited, the majority of customers to take back to throw at home, every time points to the phone number to the points. But very few can play an important role in the demand for goods.

how can we get more customers with our information, at any time can contact us, let our commodities timely sell, it will find the answer from the customer, the customer usually see those objects with long leave the body? The smoke of the customer’s fireworks, almost all of our customers are key to the body.

we can from these customers from the object some hard work, contact your keychain manufacturers and manufacturing lighters manufacturers we will store name, telephone number, business philosophy and other basic information printed keychain and lighters, in a customer shopping checkout after them. The customer must be full of joy, happy and return.

I used to have a business card printed in the store, I will store the basic information are printed on the card. I paid all who come to purchase tobacco customers, some customers will throw out a name card, not only a waste of our resources, but also has nothing to do. Later I will print to the information on the lighter, as issued as name card and inform the customer payment of lighter, lighter India I shop telephone call when we give enough alcohol free to send the past.

such a long service time, for customers, the shop will be more reliable. For shops, business will naturally be better. In short, in the course of time, a lot of customers to the restaurant for dinner, wine and cigarettes is not enough in the hotel to think the hotel was too expensive to sell tobacco. See a table of lighters will think of our shop, make a phone call, I will soon send tobacco in the past, both save money and rejected the face. In this way, virtually stopped a lot of business, but also enhance the integrity of my store, to draw a lot of new and old customers.

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