college students have been lowering the threshold of entrepreneurship, luring college graduates and even college students. Overwhelming media reports, it seems that entrepreneurs are very simple, urging students to start business.

now the State encourages innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples, there are various policy measures, such as interest free loans, subsidies and incentives to support the technical guidance, tax incentives, and other procedures, free site service, the government can do. From Qing Tong Hui to the incubator, from training to the forum competition, make people excited, everyone was eager for a fight.

The characteristics of the students is

entrepreneurial high requirements for understanding the status quo and experience of professional knowledge, personal experience and industry, be able to accurately grasp the market demand and changes. Social development so far, the field of entrepreneurship has become increasingly narrow, which requires innovative thinking, and all the ideas have to stand the test of practice. In fact, the failure rate of entrepreneurship is quite high, even if there is a policy to support entrepreneurship, its success rate is less than 10%, college students entrepreneurial success rate of only 1%, Kita Kamihiro is only about $4%.

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