many consumers are more like cloth home products, so in the process of choosing this product in the home improvement process, businesses want to solve the market needs to know the shop investment. How much money do you need to invest in fabric sofa? If you are not very clear about this problem, you can come up with the following.

gives you a number:

1) for front position: General in the center of the city, if the choice is first-tier cities, the center position of rent about 100 yuan / square / month, a sofa shop minimum at least 200 square meters, about 20 thousand yuan a month rent this.

2): a sofa tea table distribution is about 20 square meters, carpet, that is to say you can store placed 18 sofas, sofa at 3000 yuan, a total of 54000 yuan;

3) inventory: manufacturers in Suzhou, shop in Xi’an, that is, you need to rent a warehouse inventory. I am your warehouse 0.5 yuan / square meters / month, 100 square meters is 50 yuan in January, the inventory of products about 20 sets of sofa, a total cost is 60 thousand yuan.

4) in accordance with the six months: rent: 20000*6=120000 yuan

products: 3000*18+3000*20= 114000 yuan

warehouse: 50*6=300 yuan

Manual: shopping guide 2, the monthly average of 2000 (calculate Commission), 2000*6=12000

there are 6 months of water and electricity, business license and other documents, and so on, I count you $50000.

so you need to invest 296300 yuan in the first 6 months of the store.

5) advertising costs, expenses, and factories can win, general sales manager in order to complete the performance, will help you to intercede with the boss.

6) Summary: the initial investment 300 thousand yuan is the foundation funds currently open shop sofa, sofa shop to shop but cost 300 thousand yuan, is still too high, 3000 yuan / sets of sofa cloth if not well-known brand, can be considered for leather manufacturers to do the monopoly.

investment in fabric sofa shop can help businesses to tap a rich market earnings, if you are a novice investment matters are not very familiar with the choice to understand the relevant information is also a good choice. The above information is for reference only, I hope to help you.

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