do holiday business, which is what every shopkeeper is looking forward to, however, how to do, but it has become a matter of great distress. In fact, service is the eternal theme, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But during the festival, the service can really work fine, do solid, retail customers are very few.

what is the reason? Retail customers answer the most is "busy!" Also, the new year, who is not busy? Consumers are busy purchasing goods, retail businesses are busy selling goods, almost no idle. In this period, but also to test whether our retail customers really "customer is God," the business philosophy of the key period.

during the holiday season, to strengthen the service is to win the hearts of people, the key to live customers. Sometimes, we will take the operator busy and less manpower to stall the customer, you think this is the reason? Certainly not! The customer is the result, not to listen to the nagging you put forward many objective reasons did not achieve the purpose.

A box of "

Great Wall Dry Red Wine, three boxes of Jinliufu, two boxes of juice……" China has just entered the two store door, he heard the store owner Xu Chuanlin while recording, while the lover Zhu Wenhua said: "in front of the teacher, Zhang uncle home to these kind of busy home, special purchases for the Spring Festival, inseparable from the body, you have to send in the past……" First look, although the store to buy goods, but People are hurrying to and fro., the sellers, it was arranged in good order.

Xu Chuanlin said that during the holiday sales, we are also in the service of weakness, many retail customers don’t pay much attention to this, so also lose a lot of sales opportunities. And we store, in this period, due to the large flow of people, the sale of goods, temporary from the countryside invited more than and 10 relatives to help, on the one hand to take care of the store, on the one hand to seize the peak sales of customer service. Because we do a good job of service here, but also brought a lot of repeat customers.

and Darunfa supermarket sales department director Li Hua, during the holiday sales and customer service needs complex and other factors, in order to improve the service work, the supermarket in the day before coming out of the service emergency plan, they hand in addition to the use of the original service tools for supermarket delivery service, they have to delivery tools are effective in the division of labor division to do at the same time, in order to maximize the use of resources, they also use the street goods tricycle delivery work. Although the sales volume during the holiday season, but the delivery work is orderly.

there are a lot of the owner of the usual quality of service is indeed very good, however, during the holiday period after a large traffic, it is difficult to keep up with the service. And during the holiday season sales, service staff labor intensity, easy to ignore the characteristics of the service, the author learned that, in addition to the Lianshui Huafeng supermarket

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