time goes by very fast, a day before the high temperature, and now began to enter the cold weather. In the twinkling of an eye in 2016 of the year, said the estimated number of retail retail users very excited. Yes, after a long period of retail off-season after the test, the retail price of gold into the year, and how to suppress the excitement of the heart?

But although the

retail Unlimited Business Opportunities, while consumer demand, but retailers to really do the retail is not casual, careless. In fact, if the retailer’s negligence, often missed business opportunities. According to the author’s understanding that many retailers feel because of the consumption demand, a lot of business opportunities, so no matter how will do business, in fact, this view is wrong.

then the retail, retailers should pay attention to what? I think we should do the following five guarantees, in order to do the business. Specifically, it is necessary to ensure the quality of goods, to ensure fair and reasonable prices, to ensure the safety of cigarette retail, to ensure that the promotion of effective means to ensure the protection of after-sales service.

first, to ensure the quality of goods.

was the first to do a good job in the household retail business, we must ensure that the quality of their goods. Some retailers think wrong, near the end of the year business is busy, in the quality of goods is also Never mind relax. In control of this mentality, some retailers like shoddy, with inferior charge, to reduce costs, increase profits of fish in troubled waters. I think this is a very wrong view, although the business opportunities, but the quality of goods or must strictly, otherwise the goods will cause customers unhappy.

therefore, retailers in the year also need to strictly control the quality of goods, to adhere to the formal channels to purchase, to ensure the quality of goods inspection, no problem. At the same time, but also a regular inspection, the quality of the goods to be cleaned regularly, the only way to maintain the quality of goods. As retailers must be aware of this, we must fully aware of the importance of ensuring the quality of goods, why should the only way to win customers happy, win customer support.

to ensure the quality of the goods, in fact, to be a retail household to learn empathy, always pay attention to the interests of customers, to ensure that the quality of goods is the best way to attract customers. Therefore, the more at the end of the year, the retailer is to enhance product quality consciousness, do not because the business is good, many customers can be careless, otherwise it will affect your business.

retailer Zhou Bin said: the more I was at the end of the year more attention to the quality of goods, because the goods quality, timely price is a little high, there is no problem, the customer will buy.