everyone concerned about the development of the Internet entrepreneurs know that women create a customer in the Internet era is untied, you can more easily into the venture. According to the survey, in the 80, 90 generation of young women in the workplace, there are more than 77% of women have entrepreneurial dreams.

The characteristics of

"80," after 90 workplace population status survey results show that in terms of gender, with entrepreneurial dream 80, 90 a few women in the workplace, a proportion of female entrepreneurship impulse as high as 77%, only 82% of the proportion of male ratio of 5 percentage points lower. In May 2015, the Alibaba issued a "Internet plus her age: Women Entrepreneurs report" in support of the above conclusions. The report pointed out that today’s female entrepreneurs are showing out of the center, younger and other characteristics, the average age of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs are 32.6 years old, younger than the age of entrepreneurs under the line.

led the British report, has just entered the community after 90 young people in the workplace when choosing a job more desirable in the state-owned enterprises, about 40% of the 90 workplace expressed the hope that your first job is a state-owned enterprise. This figure is much higher than that of wholly foreign owned enterprises, Sino foreign joint ventures and private enterprises.

90 compared with men, women in the workplace for state welfare and stability preference is more intense. Young women in the workplace 42% hope to enter the state-owned enterprises, this figure is slightly higher than the male 39%. As for the pressure and intensity of work is relatively large private and private enterprises, only 18% of young women who are willing to try to work, this figure is less than 90 percent of male workers in the workplace by 6 percentage points.

The survey has a

in all of the surveyed 80, 90 people in the workplace, on average only 5% of men said they can accept his girlfriend or your partner’s salary is higher than their own, recommended

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