is not enough for the pockets of investors, low-cost entrepreneurial opportunities are often able to win their favor, but such opportunities are often very difficult to find. But some entrepreneurs on the inventory around the low cost entrepreneurial opportunities, a look at it.

1, pet nanny

What are the

2, professional Shopaholic

What are the

3, cleaning company

What are the

4, Taobao sellers

5, social media hosting operations

now and micro-blog’s influence can not be ignored, if you love the attention of social network, then consider, for enterprise management of local social network, product promotion, release promotions, customer complaints, regularly updated news and information of customers, collect monthly fixed management fee.

6, part-time secretary

7, preferential volume service

What are the

8, population tracking

if you love the work of the study population, you can then as a genealogy expert, to help people to write Genealogy Research, tracking lost contact.

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